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Meet Sunny

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Meet Sunny!

As the face of Florida Solar Partners, Sunny is here to educate and inform Floridians of the numerous benefits of going solar! With the help of his friends Eartha and Phottie, Sunny is on a mission to reduce carbon emissions and help save the planet for future generations.


Meet Eartha!

As Sunny's best friend and trusted confidante, Eartha has teamed up with Florida Solar Partners to help others understand her dilemma. In recent years, Eartha hasn't been feeling her best. Emission gasses are hurting her! Help Eartha feel better by learning more about how solar energy can help save the planet!


Meet Phottie!

To help Eartha, a group of intelligent scientists and engineers created a solution: a photovoltaic collector, better known as Phottie! By teaming up with Sunny, Phottie is here to help Eartha feel better by providing solar energy to the residents of Florida and reducing the emissions that are causing her sickness.

Check Out How Sunny, Eartha, and Phottie Have Been Helping the Community!

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